Family Meetings Work

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[Editor's Note: Do you have Family Meetings in your home? You know, where parents sit down with kids and discuss everything that's going right -- and wrong -- within the family unit? We don't. Yet. But after reading Jen's post at Heligirl about their first family meeting, I want to have one tonight. Right this second. Now! -Jenna]

Family Meetings Work:

Meet HereHubby and I went first. Seeing my kids’ faces as they sat completely still, focused on us and every word as we told them things we appreciated about them was priceless. My daughter beamed when I told her how I appreciated her getting dressed by herself each morning. My son was all smiles when I told him how I loved the way he said please and thank you and shared with his sister. (By the way, both kids increased those behaviors the following week. Sweet!)

We then discussed an issue in our house, backtalk. I explained what this was and gave an example. Using the rules of logical consequences (choosing a consequence well before a happening), I asked my daughter what she thought was a fair consequence if she talked back. She actually thought about it a bit and said going to her room was a good one. I asked my son if he thought that was a good consequence and he said yes. We all agreed and let the record show the results.

By now I was feeling so good. Why hadn’t we had these meetings before? The kids are on top of it, wanting to contribute. They get it.

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