To the Duggar Naysayers: Have You Visited an Orphanage?

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Editor's Note: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, famous for their large family, have been publicly discussing the idea of international adoption. People seem to have big opinions about it, and a number of those opinions are angry or judgmental for one reason or another. Adeye of No Greater Joy Mom calls out the negativity and puts the focus where she believes it should be: on waiting children in orphanages. -Jenna

Father Knows Best:

I would put my money on the fact that ninety-nine percent of the naysayers and the ones slamming a good, honest, hard-working, larger-than-normal American family that is open to expanding their family through the blessing of adoption have never, ever set foot in a foreign orphanage.

Have they ever seen children lying in their own waste for most of the day? Have they ever heard the cries of a little one who goes unnoticed by caregivers? Have they ever seen what unfathomable malnutrition and dehydration does to a child? Have they ever seen a teenager who cannot read nor write because they have never been given the opportunity to go to school and learn? Have they ever heard the pleas of an older child who has seen countless babies be adopted from their orphanage...but still they wait for their turn to be chosen? I wonder, have they ever seen the fear on a teenager's face when they know that the day is drawing near when they will be set free from the relatively safe walls of their orphanage only to be released to predators on the other side who will steal their innocence in every way imaginable.

Have they?

I seriously doubt it. Because seeing, touching, taking in and witnessing for ourselves changes everything!

Credit: ullisanderson.

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