Feces and Synthetic Marijuana? 16 & Pregnant's Ebony Jackson-Rendon Loses Baby

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[Last week, the Internet was horrified by the living conditions in 16 and Pregnant star Ebony Jackson-Rendon's feces-covered home as reported by officers who removed their two-year-old daughter, Jocelyn Rendon, from their care. Now, Ebony speaks out to HollyBaby.com, defending the state of their living conditions and apologizing to fans. I'm still shaking my head. Depression is a serious illness, I know and I'm saddened whenever I hear someone is struggling, but I remain shocked at the state of that house. And Synthetic Marijuana, the substance found at the home, is toxic -- a much more dangerous substance than its natural counterpart by most accounts. And yes, I totally had to look that up. --Morgan]

“My house was raided last night and my daughter was taken from me,” Ebony tells us. “I had been suffering with depression. I lost a kid, so I’ve been going through my own personal problems and so I haven’t been able to be the wife, mom that I’m supposed to be.”

In the police report, the arresting officers described the house as being covered by “human and dog feces.” Ebony blames the mess on the fact that the family just had puppies born in the house. “We just had a litter of six puppies and got rid of the last one prior to everyone busting into our house,” explains Ebony. “A litter of puppies of course is going to damage your floor and that’s exactly what we were putting up with.”

Ebony Jackson-Rendon mug shot
Joshua Rendon and Ebony Jackson-Rendon. Photo released to media by the Jacksonville Police Department.

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