Feeling Confused About Your Career? What's Driving You?

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Career confusion - now I have been there a time or two! or three, or four... That limbo state where you know that what you're doing now is not "it". Where you think "If only being grateful for having a job were enough. Surely there is something wrong with me that I can't figure this out! Well, you're not alone...others have been there and there is a way out. This post will help you find the light in the tunnel.

Career Confusion? Yes, that back drop of unhappiness with no clear path to a better future. That nagging feeling that if you only liked your job better everything would be OK or even worse, the Herculean panic of being paralyzed in the gap between unemployment and a paying position that will crush your soul!

Career Confusion makes you feel powerless, stupid, lazy and crazy.

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confused about your career

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