Festive Packaging For Your Holiday Baked Goods

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I used to bake many batches of cookies every holiday season. I'd put an assortment in dozens of plastic sandwich bags, tie them with red and green ribbon, and then hand them out to friends and classmates and teachers at school. The cookies were good, but my packaging, well, lacked a bit of creativity. That's why I love this assorted list of ideas for great ways to pack up and gift holiday baked goods—it's a whole set of affordable, beautiful options that are way better than I could have thought up on my own!

Ideas for Dressing Up Your Holiday Goodies

One of the things that I enjoy most about the holidays, besides the baking, is packaging everything up in festive packaging, ready to go to holiday parties and family get togethers. Of course, I don’t have an endless budget, and fancy packaging and gift wrap can get rather expensive pretty quickly. So, I’ve learned to be creative.

Cookie Packaging

Image Credit: My Kitchen Addiction, used by permission.

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