Pick Your Battles or Fight the Ridiculous Fights

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[Editor's Note: I never fully understood the "pick your battles" concept until I had a three-year-old. Then I got it, and I got it in a hurry. Leigh Ann at Genie In a Blog recently wrote about the ridiculous things she argues with her daughter about, and when she chooses not to do so. How many ridiculous arguments have you had with your young child? Share your best one! -Jenna]

Fighting the Ridiculous Fights:

Ridiculous FightsAs she stands in the water table in her Tinkerbell panties and jammie top, frantically waving an orange toothbrush in the air, I think, “I should really make her get down before she inevitably falls and bashes her head on a rock. And then I’d have to make the ever difficult decision of whether or not her gaping wound rendered a trip to the ER. And you and I both know that with 3 kids, a trip to the ER is a last resort kind of decision.

But then again, making her get down is sure to incite more whining, crying, and begging for the latest favorite movie, because oh my GOD our backyard is just too boring for words, and what else is there to do but stand in the water table waving my toothbrush in the air? I quickly decide it’s not worth it.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not really that much of a pushover. I insist on manners, discipline naughty behavior, and reinforce positive attitudes. But these types of ridiculous fights are a part of my normal these days with these 3.5 year olds.

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