Fighting the Sippy Cup Wars -- and Losing

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[Editor's Note: Oh, our children. They sure can be particular, can't they? Did you ever fight in the infamous Sippy Cup War with your little one? Heather at Heather Drive has and it looks like it was a long, hard-won battle. As she explains the hits and blows, she also offers some good reviews for those fighting this battle too. What sippy cup did your toddler gravitate toward? -Jenna]

The Sippy Cup Wars:

Feeding the sippy cupBIG. FAT. FAILURE.

Nora wanted nothing to do with it. In fact, every time we'd bring it near her, she'd push it away, and if we tried to set it on her high chair tray, she'd throw it off. Unfortunately for her, we're not ones to give up easily, so we made the decision to go cold turkey. She wasn't going to get her old sippy cups back, no matter how difficult she tried to be about it. Because the thing about her stubbornness?

She gets it from me. I can play at this game.

I remembered back to August/September when she was refusing the bottle and sippy cup, and I recalled our pediatrician telling me that Nora would absolutely NOT dehydrate herself in order to prove a point. At that time, the doctor maintained that Nora was getting enough liquids to keep at least partially hydrated through her foods.

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