Finding Balance with Blog Parties

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Before the niches and labels, before the giveaways and reviews, before Twitter and Facebook became tools for promotion, there was simply blogging. Whether by general diarists who talked about their lives or focused bloggers who wrote almost exclusively on a single topic – blogs felt like opening cabinet doors and getting to peek into other people’s lives.

Cozy Little House juxtaposes that time period in blogging with today, taking it to the extreme as she asks if we've lost our authenticity.

Now I sometimes go to a blog I love to check in with, and it is just a series of weekly parties. And no blog posts in between. I know life gets busy. But I for one don't go to see you for your parties. I go to visit you as a blogger/person. I will just go ahead and say it: I miss you.

For me, blogging is about finding that balance between participating in projects or doing reviews of products you love, and presenting your true life: not a watered-down, pretty version of life, but a no-holds-barred, this is what my life looks like version of life.

What do you think? Have we lost our authenticity, or has blogging -- like all things -- grown and changed and people need to find a new way of keeping things in balance?

Photo Credit: Blog Party via Shutterstock.

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