Tips To Keep From Hoarding Your Preserved Food

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[Editor's Note: Every now and then, I have to go on a quest to "eat down my freezer"—that's when I make a concerted effort to go through and weed out frozen food that has been in there a little longer than I would like, so it doesn't linger in there for, I don't know, a year or two. But this post includes some great tips on managing that so food does not get forgotten, allowing preservers (whether by freezer or canning) to maximize the return on their processing and freezing investment! --Genie]

The Fine Line Between Preservation & Food Hoarding

I also have an inventory for my canning closet, but that is a little easier to keep track of; mostly because it isn't shut inside anything and I can actually lay eyes on it. Next, I just carefully reloaded my freezer so that I could easily access all my items and then I transferred my list on to my freezer in dry erase marker. (If you are in the market for a freezer, I highly recommend the dry-erase version for this reason!)

Canned Goods

Image Credit: Bossy Italian Wife, used by permission.

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