Fitting in Fitness as a Mom Means Getting Creative

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Oh my, have I ever been struggling to fit in some exercise time since my kids started their summer break. I honestly can't fit in time for the gym right now (as their hours stink), but I have started to fit in some mileage if I can force myself our of bed at stupid hours. I also sometimes sneak a mile or two in by dragging my kids along on a "nature walk," which Raimie at The Prairie Hen writes (and photographs) in her recent post on the same topic: fitting in fitness with kids. How do you do it?

She starts off by explaining where she is now:

Trying on Mom's Running ShoesThe reason to avoid sweating that most often crops up and allows me to cross exercise off my to-do list is: my children. Either directly - we're too busy, have no baby-sitter or they need me for something else - or indirectly - I'm too tired, too moody, too fried or all three - this excuse enables me to wimp out a lot.

It doesn't help that working out doesn't come naturally to me. I'm a reader not a runner. It's not that I didn't grow up spending lots of time outside, it's just that I was orchestrating backyard cousin concerts and pretend Indian encampments, not footraces and field-days.

Photo Credit: jinglejammer.

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