5 Ways You Can Help a New Mom Friend

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Editor's Note: One of your friends just had a baby! Hooray! Now what can you do to help her out? First, you can read this post by Heidi at Life in Pink. Then you can get in gear and help out that new mom. She might say she's just fine, but she needs some support. Trust me! -Jenna

Five Ways to Help Out a New Mom Pal:

1. Nap-sit. One of my friends recently offered to watch Ethan while I took a nap. I didn’t need the nap at the time, but next time, I will be taking her up on that. Yesterday, hubs was home working in the afternoon so I got a nap in for a couple hours on the couch but still it’s so great to know that I have pals I can count on to just come over and watch baby while I nap or take a shower.

Credit: h2obaby.

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