Five Ways We Mess Up Our Kids

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I think one thing that is hard to remember as a parent in the trenches of parenting is that we have a relationship with our children. Just like any relationship, it needs to be tended to with care and involves a give and take, not just me telling my kids what to do all day long. Over at Couple Dumb, a recent post made me think about some of that give and take and whether or not I've been making the best decisions. It's a thought-provoking post.

She brings up a good point before launching into the things we do wrong:

Solar PowerOur birth-plans resembled tomes and their outfits that we picked for bringing them home from the hospital are nicely packed away in their keepsakes. In all of this planning, did you think how you would actually parent them?

Top 5 things we do to mess up our kids:

1. Making them the center of our universes: Between team sports, piano/mandarin/capoeira/glass blowing lessons, our little ones are busy. However, we hardly take a moment to see how this affects our lives. Mom Taxis are cutesy ways of saying that you have been reduced to transporter. Saturday mornings are a series of lessons, games and birthday parties that leave no time for adult activities. Make time for yourself and if you have no time, rethink the glass blowing lessons.

She continues with four more ways we mess up our kids. Go see if you're guilty... too.

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