Flat Kari's Adventures- Don't Make Me Eat Sushi

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Every time I hear the term "Flat Kari", I get flashbacks to high school.Lets just say I was mammary challenged my entire life until I got pregnant the second time.Because the first time, the boobs didn't "take". I wasn't necessarily made fun of in high school.At least not to my face.But I was indeed all things Flat.Here is the back story:There is a book named Flat Stanley where basically a paper version of a child is mailed all over to have different life experiences.Last summer at my first blog conference, there was a Flat Sue passed around.Because Real Sue couldn't go.But Flat Sue had all sorts of fun adventures like getting drunk annnnnd getting drunk.So when I was unable to attend one of the rehearsals for Listen To Your Mother in April, I constructed a Flat Kari and mailed it to one of my co-producers so that I could "be" there.Without "being" there.I have to say, I was a little jealous of Flat Me.I was having fun!Eating spicy tacos!Hanging out with my homies!So when my friend Melissa suggested that I keep her going, I was excited!YES!I don't get to travel much so this is my way of living vicariously through the cardboard version of me!So the Flat Kari series was born!"I" am heading to places like California, India, New York, Finland and random places around the Chicago area.I get around!Not at ALL like high school Flat Kari.Because, hello, FLAT.My first visit was to Southern California to visit my friend Melissa, the brainchild of this whole thing:Greetings from sunny Seal Beach, California! Flat Kari has had an amazing time, having so much fun catching up with the Rogers. . . .

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