Flavors ~ Apple

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The Flavor for this week is Apples!I immediatly thought of a ton of things to do with apples... but I wanted to try something different.The flavor profile for Apples is wide open. They can be paired with sweet as sugar and caramel, or savory as cumin or horseradish; They suggest pairing with red cabbage or with pumpkin. The most recommended flavor is Cinnamon.Pork with Apples and Ginger3 Tbs fresh minced GINGER4-5 apples2 Tbs pure MAPLE SYRUP1 Tbs OLIVE OIL2 Tbs BROWN SUGAR1/4 cup chopped PECANS1 pound PORK cutlets3 Tbs fresh ROSEMARY3 Tbs OLIVE OIL

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