Flights & Money: What Determines Airline Prices?

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After the holidays are over, I get anxious to think about traveling I want to do just for me! Oh, sure, I'll take my family along, but it won't be to visit relatives or drive across the state of Iowa. I start thinking of riding on a jet plane.

And then I look up flight prices and groan -- right after the holidays is the worst time to look at your savings account. Why do I do it to myself?

If you've ever wondered why some flights cost more than others, The Cranky Flier has a helpful answer to a reader's question about why some connecting flights cost more than nonstops:

The first thing to keep in mind with something like this is that airlines don’t price based on costs. They price based on demand. When schedules are set at least a couple months in advance, predictions about revenues have been made and the hope is that the flight will be profitable, but airlines never know for sure.

Still curious? Read on!

airline seats

Credit Image: kevin dooley on Flickr

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