'Food Fight' Video: Junk Food Villainy

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In the ongoing battle against urban food deserts and the corporate monopoly of our food system, artists from every realm do their part to spread the word and raise awareness about this disturbing problem. This clever, important video from filmmaker Ben Zolno compares the dearth of nutrional choices to the damages of drugs and violence - all are robbing us of our youth:

Food Fight is a story told through the eyes of a young boy trapped in a violent world where no kid is safe from big-business junk food. Zolno, musician/advocate AsheEl Seasunz Eldridge, and Stic Man of legendary hip-hop group Dead Prez hope the music video and accompanying school curriculum will help teachers show kids who is behind the cereal mascots’ mask. While the message about corporate control of our food system is not a new one, this is the first, poignant, and most entertaining attempt I’ve seen to bring this idea to the minds of students. Additionally, by using the setting of “the hood,” Zolno makes a strong statement toward the truth: poor health, obesity, and rampant availability of junk food are most-often found in areas of low socio-economic status and the dangers of processed food are just as real as gangs, drugs, and violence....

Junk Food

Image: Tavallai via Flickr


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