I'm Giving Up Food in Favor of Water and Tic-Tacs

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[Editor's Note: My partner has Crohn's Disease and quite often resorts to water and Tic-Tacs, maybe a Boost thrown in for some actual nutrition, if she can stomach it. I cannot imagine the hell Misguided Mommy has gone through -- so many bad diagnosis, so many bad doctors, and she still doesn't have a plan that's helping her. - Denise]

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I still have to have the environmental test done but for now I'm trying to learn a whole new diet. I can now eat gluten, but gluten with soy in it brings back the heartburn and problems. I was trained to not eat a whole mess of foods and now I have to relearn an entire new allergy and memorize all new food labels. I feel sick about 70% of the daylight hours and at least 5 times a week I wake up with stomach issues. I'm starting to lose faith in the medical professionals. I'm frustrated at how many doctors would just tell me to "lose weight" even when I was 15 and had a pretty rockin body. I'm exhausted by all of this. All food is now scary to me. Going to eat anywhere without nutrition facts is scary. Eating in public is scary because I never know when I'm just going to start throwing up or worse, have horrible stomach pains and swell up. Sometimes foods bother me to the point my skin actually swells and I grow a dress size and sometimes I can eat the same foods and have no response.

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