'Sriracha’ the Documentary: A Tribute to the Spicy Condiment

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Editor’s note: There’s no doubt that Sriracha has an ardent band of hard-core fans, and Morgan from I Eat Grass is one of them. She loves the spicy condiment so much, in fact, that she named her cat after it. Morgan also stumbled upon a Kickstarter campaign for a documentary about Sriracha. Read on to find out more about the filmmaker and his celluloid tribute to the sauce we all love. --Jane

Yes, you read that right: a documentary all about Sriracha hot sauce. As most vegans know, Sriracha is the condiment to end all condiments. You can put it on literally any food to transform it into something even more awesome than it was to begin with. Most people will jokingly say to that, “Uh huh, even ice cream?” Yes! Even ice cream! ... I love Sriracha so much that I even named my cat after the sauce. So yeah, I’m pretty excited about this.

Sriracha Hot Sauce
Image: Sriracha: A Documentary Film

Read more from Foodies Rejoice! There is a ‘Sriracha’ Documentary on the Way at iEatGrass (dot) com


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