A List of Pregnancy Cravings I No Longer Like

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[Editor's Note: A few years ago, I tried to eat a Snickers bar and nearly threw up. They were my pregnancy craving during my first pregnancy and apparently I don't want them ever again. Janel at 649.133 recently tried to eat a food she used to crave and found she doesn't like it either. Then she went through a list of foods that she has since "divorced." What did you crave during pregnancy that you can't stand now? -Jenna]

Foods I Could Use to Reliably Diagnose Pregnancy:

KETTLE chipsIf I may, I would like to being this post with a disclaimer:


You know how I know? Because a few weeks ago, I went to 7-Eleven and bought a bag of their kettle-cooked salt and pepper chips. Now, when I was pregnant with Bella, these chips were my jam. Every single day I would buy a Slurpee, a pack of Airheads Extreme Sours, and a bag of these chips on the way home from work. It was an hour commute; going without eating for an entire hour was not an option. Anyways, I would destroy those chips like it was my goddamn JOB (instead of babysitting whiny asshole librarians being my job. Which it was. Seriously, fuck that place.)

Anyways. Fast forward from 2009 to a few weeks ago. I'm standing in 7-Eleven and I saw those chips. I thought to myself, "Yay! I love these chips! I'll eat them again and they will be delicious in my mouth!" But guess what you guys -- they weren't. They were so very NOT delicious in my mouth. Then it dawned on me: I only liked those chips because I was pregnant.

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