Foot in the Door: Should We Have Another Baby?

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[Editor's Note: My health is an issue, so my husband took permanent steps to cease our child-creating days. Recently, however, we have some serious Baby Fever up in here, just like Laura at Navigating the Mothership. Perhaps, like her family, it's because we have a new house and more space and we're just in love with our family right now. But her reasons for not having more kids are very similar to ours as well. It's a funny post, but it begs the question: When do you shut that door forever? -Jenna]

The Door That Won't Quite Shut:

Open DoorI turned to Husband and said, "I feel like I want another baby."

Husband had been thinking the same thing.

The door blew wide open for a minute there.

Then we returned home to the actual presence of our lovable but oh so demanding kids. Baby #3 seemed less desirable.

But I couldn't quite stop thinking about it, even bringing it up in therapy. Maybe I was experiencing some weird biological drive that I needed to override? Cave bigger! Need more babies!

The door was mostly closed. But it was blowing gently in the wind.


I know exactly when I ovulate each month, to the point where I can narrow it down to a few hours. That feels like information that should be used for something, you know?

OMG two kids. So freaking exhausting. And three? HELL to the no.

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