Fortfestijn Haarlem 9th of november

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For the second time the Fort Festijn is being organized in Haarlem and for the second time I won’t be able to go! What a bummer… Last time I was just coming back from some trip (can’t even remember which one) and than this time it’s my mum’s 80th birthday, so I can hardly skip that… The alternative would be to bring all the old people over to the festival but mmm, on second thought… maybe not a good idea! (...)Read the rest of Fortfestijn Haarlem 9th of november (61 words) © Scribbly63 for Scribbles and Notes, 2013. | Permalink | No comment | Add to Post tags: design, fortfestijn, haarlem Feed enhanced by Better Feed from Ozh Author information Simone van den Berg Food photographer at Fresh Food Photos I love to write and share fun things I found or fun things I did. . . .

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