Fostering the Old Dog-New Dog Relationship

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While the old adage, 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' might still be true, your senior pup may have to make room in their lives for a younger canine:

"Today, I came upon Kiki in the bathroom. She was wistfully staring into Roxy's kennel. It has a fleecy, comfy pad, oodles of toys and it smells like treats from the doorway. As Roxy is 15 pounds and Kiki is 65 pounds, Kiki can only hope to get her head in the doorway of the kennel. This scene really made me think about whether we've cursed Kiki, or made her life more interesting. A bouncy, Tigger-like toddler puppy is like me at a pre school mom coffee--there is nothing more sure to quickly make you feel whithered, tired and old...."




Image credit: Alt-Ctrl-Tom via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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