Portable Fruit and Granola Wraps

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[Editor's Note: Looking for a substantial, satisfying, yet quick and easy breakfast? Well, look no further than this portable recipe that can be made with homemade or storebought granola. Make it your own, because this recipe works with any range of nut butters, granolas, and fruits! --Genie]

Fruit & Granola Wraps

These are seriously easy, and seriously satisfying. I’m the type of person that likes to snack all day long, and feels mildly hungry pretty much all the time when I’m not snacking, but these wraps filled me up in such a way that I ate one for breakfast at work at 8:00 and literally had no interest in eating anything else until noon! For me, that is crazytalk.

Fruit & Granola Wraps

Image Credit: Hidden Ponies, used by permission.

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