Furniture and Walls Take a Beating When You Have Kids

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We bought our first real couch and recliner last year after years of hand-me-downs. I think it was a bad choice. I'm constantly on edge that the boys (or the new dog) are going to do something kid- or dog-like and ruin it. Tackling Mommyhood recently wrote about the furniture in her home and how it has handled children. It may be a good post to read before you buy furniture. Or have kids. Just sayin'.

You might resonate with what she says about kids and furniture:

I Like Writing On Walls...The walls in my kitchen and dining room look like a Crayola spokesperson gave my kids a giant posterboard and told them to have a free-for-all. The microfiber cushions on all of my dining chairs look like wannabe Picasso drawings – a combination of pen, water, pee, milk, throw up… a masterpiece, to say the least. All the washing in the world of my walls and chair cushions doesn’t get rid of the inevitable – that it will happen again. One of my dining room chairs completely fell apart yesterday when my daughter sat on it because of the sheer number of times I’ve taken our removable shower head to the cushion trying to wash out whatever new artwork was displayed on it. My couch? We are on our second one since having children. The kids seem to think couch = trampoline.

If you are planning on having children in the future, are currently pregnant or already have a sweet infant who hasn’t yet figured out how to destroy your home, you should seriously think about the furnishings in your household and if they are “kid compatible."


Photo Credit: geishaboy500.

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