How to Eat a Pummelo

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[Editor's Note: I always encourage people to try produce they find in their grocery store that is unfamiliar. It's a great way to discover new flavors that they might otherwise have missed! The Family Foodie got a little adventurous in the produce section, and tried this citrus fruit that might be new to you. --Genie]

Further Adventures in Produce: The Pummelo

Also known as Chinese grapefruit or shaddock, the pummelo (sometimes spelled pommelo) is, in fact, a member of the large family of citrus fruits. They’re in season from November to March, which makes this the perfect time to give one a try. I really didn’t know what to expect from the pummelo; the signage at the grocery store said they were slightly sweeter and less acidic than grapefruit, and that was about the only information I had on hand when I took one home and cut it open.


Image Credit: The Family Foodie, used by permission.

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