Gangster Politics

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That's really what "liberal washing" as Sirota calls it truly is about. The seeds of it actually started around the time Uncle Miltie Friedman got his Nobel prize in the mid-1970s, thus discrediting that award, and with it the insane embracing of ideas that are truly anti-American, indeed anti-democracy, in order to enrich the few who own these politicians.The cracks were there even during the Carter administration, the last real Democratic administration we had in this country, with deregulation of various industries, which in the end didn't turn out so well. These gangsters really got a foothold during the Reagan years with their Friedmanite love affair and huge tax breaks for corporations and the filthy rich, and, with the rise of the crooked "Democrat" Robert Rubin, continued even during the Clinton era with its ruinous trade agreements and the bipartisan repeal of Glass-Steagall. . . .

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