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I probably would never go to dollar stores if I didn't have a child. The food freaks me out. I would rather buy food off the street. I am also convinced someone's soul died in order to manufacture a lawn chair that can be had for a dollar. But ... I have a child, and occasionally I find myself needing glow sticks or erasers shaped like Christmas trees, so I drag myself there. I like Leah's tips for making the most of the dollar store.

She writes:

Speaking of coupons, that is the one thing that a dollar store is good for–picking up a cheap copy of your Sunday paper (for $1) so that you can get coupons. Extreme couponer Marcia Layton Turner, author of Extreme Couponer: Insider Secrets to Getting Groceries for Free, recommends buying two and three copies of the Sunday paper at the dollar store. This way you pay less for the paper and you get the same coupons you would get buying it somewhere else.

dollar store window

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