Get My Name Right, Please

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If you are someone with the kind of name - either so complicated or too simple - that the world just can't fully grasp it, this is the post for you:

"I have a very mundane Christian name I’ve never been especially fond of. It’s Joann without an “e”. I go by “Jo” because people apparently find it too hard to spell or pronounce Joann without the “e” on the end. Whenever I write my name on forms, the data entry person always helpfully corrects it for me, adding an “e” on the end. Because it’s perfectly understandable that I might misspell the Christian name I’ve had for the past 44 years, isn’t it? Thank you, just-out-of-high-school junior administration clerk, just how do silly old women like us make our way in the world without the likes of you?"


What's in a name?


Image credit: jack dorsey via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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