Getting Over Your Blogging Writer's Block

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Everyone goes through it: writer's block.  It almost sounds like a disease, and it certainly feels like a disease; something akin to the verbal flu where your head is stuffy with unspoken thoughts and your eyes are runny from staring at the computer screen.  Wanting to write and not being able to write sucks.  Needing that connection that comes after you hit publish on a post but unable to come up with a single post idea sucks too.

The Maven of Mayhem recently had a post about writer's block; namely, how to get over it.  The Nyquil for writer's block, if you will.

Anyway, I guess the trick to writing is just to write.

Write and write and write some more.

Write junk.

Re-write it with an extra-large coffee on your desk.

Write until you cry.

What do you do to get over writer's block?

Photo Credit: Photosteve101 via Flickr.

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