The Girl in the Mirror is Back on the Mountain

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Last month The Chef's Widow got to accompany her husband to Aspen on a business trip and while there she did something she hadn't done in almost 15 years. She went snowboarding.By herself. It wasn't as easy to get back on the board as she thought it would be, but she rode with a smile and a renewed sense of something that life seemed to push aside. ~js

As I rode the bus to Buttermilk Mountain a strange feeling of fear took over me. I was insanely nervous. My belly was twisted into tiny knots in anticipation of my lesson. As I got my lift ticket and rental gear, a vision of me falling and people laughing began to play over and over again in my head. I struggled with my boots and their endless amounts of random clips (something my boots never had 15 years ago) as my face flushed. I felt like puking. All of my teenage angst came flooding back and within that moment I had turned back into my former 13 year old awkward flat chested girl with braces. I could NOT do this. . . .

Buttermilk Mountain Image courtesy of author

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