A Glimpse Into the Life of a Pumping Mother

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Any expectant mother who wonders what pumping breastmilk is like, especially in a work environment, simply needs to read this post. Alecia at Hoobing Family Adventures was exchanging emails with some friends about the ins and outs of being a pumping mother and decided to write a very detailed post on the matter, complete with pictures of the process. It not only demystifies the trials of keeping up with a pumping schedule, but will most likely make you want to give any pumping mama you know a big, bad high five.

She shares her journey with pumping thus far:

PumpinPumping and I have a love-hate relationship. I love it because it enables me to pursue my passions away from my baby without giving up breastfeeding. I hate it because I am hooked up to a milk extraction device like a cow for almost an hour a day. The fact of the matter is that as long as I am continuing to breastfeed in a manner where I am producing as much milk as Eloise is drinking, pumping is a necessity.

I hope that this very detailed account of my daily milk management activities will help other nursing or soon-to-be nursing mothers who will need to pump either because they are going back to work or just because they want to keep their milk supply up.

The day in the life of the lactating, working mom starts with a very necessary calendar appointment which blocks out time in my day to pump. Up until Eloise was six-months-old, I pumped at both 10:30am and 2pm but lately I have been trying to just pump once, at lunch. I often have to adjust the time to accommodate meetings, lunch dates, etc. The key is to have something in Outlook so you have time reserved to do it.

Be sure to continue reading her post as she takes you on a long trip through her day!

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