The College Question: Factoring in Money and Desire with the Future

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[Editor's Note: The "to go or not to go" to college question is a big one for many families of teens. For some, it's not an option: you go, you graduate, end of story. For others, especially for those with children who don't excel in school settings, the college question looms bigger -- and even more so when money is brought into question. Dina at Fries on Top has been struggling with these thoughts and shares what they've been dealing with as of late. Have you had a similar experience? -Jenna]

To Go to College or Not To Go: That Is the Question:

A Walk in the Park - Nazareth College, Rochester NYRecently one of my kids had a conversation with a role model who informed them that they needed to stop looking at college. That it wasn't a wise decision. That they needed to look at a trade, like electrician, welding, machinery, plumbing, etc. That this was a much smarter way, and that if they work hard they will eventually make a decent living. They were told that college would be a waste of their time and money, and they didn't need to go. The pressure was off of them.

I understand the thought process behind the thinking, and I honor your opinions, but I was personally really upset. Yes, college is expensive. Yes, my boys don't really don't make the grades that they will need to get into a good school. Yes, one of them doesn't even plan on going. But there is always community college. There are very few jobs that don't require a degree of some sort. Unless they look at a trade.

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