Going From Two Incomes to One

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Whether it's voluntarily or involuntary, going from two incomes to one is a tough adjustment. Brittany at Knewlywifed recently quit her job to go back to school. Here's how she's adjusted.

The One Income Family

I've always loved to go to thrift stores for home decor (paint can change anything), but now I've found a new love for clothes consignment shops. For PB, consignment shops are a must. I do buy him new clothes occasionally, but it seems so pointless to buy him brand new clothes that he will either a) never wear, b) stain immediately, or c) outgrow in 2 months. So I've hit consignment stores/sales hard and have really racked up. I've also been able to rack up for Ben and myself at consignment stores. I love to get dress pants and skirts at thrift stores because they seem to never look 'dated'. One of my favorite outfits for work was a $1 pencil skirt from Goodwill, a $5 clearance plain black scoop neck t-shirt from Target, and a $5 scarf from Walmart. An $11 outfit? That's my language!

consignment clothes

Credit Image: Hyeyoung Kim on Flickr

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