Treasuring a Golden Moment as a Mom

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Editor's Note: Have you ever had a perfect day with your kids followed by one (or two or more) that simply wasn't so swell? Yeah. Me too. Hillary at Because My Life Is Fascinating wrote about it, her reactions and a wealth of other good mothering thoughts. Go read -- and have yourself a Golden Moment with your kids today. -Jenna

A Golden Day for Mom:

I looked up at my little boy whose arms were stretched out to me and a warm surge of golden reality flooded me.

This is MY son. I am HIS mom. Someday he will be a man–a husband, a father–making his way in the world. But today he is all mine. My own baby boy–and all he wants is for me to hold him.

I shut the computer, swooped him up into my arms and kissed the heck out of his still chubby cheeks.

“Where have you been all my life?” I asked him.

“I’m wiiiight here, Mama!” He chirped back.

Credit: Sam Bald.

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