Good Parents Aren't Scared to Put Their Kids on a Diet

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[Editor's Note: In April's issue of Vogue, Dara-Lynn Weiss shares how she put her daughter on a diet. The piece, not online but in the magazine only, has created a flurry of opinions -- in support and against -- on the concept of putting overweight kids on diets and the manner in which it is or should be done. The controversial essay even landed Weiss a book deal. Jamila at Beyond Black & White recently wrote in support of the mother's actions, claiming that good parents put their kids on diets. What do you think? -Jenna]

Good Parents Are Not Afraid to Put Their Overweight Children on a Diet:

Lose weight nowThere are overweight adults who have been struggling with weight loss, obesity, and/or depression that leads to overeating since they were children; if some of those people had caring parents who had the financial resources and the wherewithal to take their children for professional help there would probably be far few obese adults among the African-American population.

I know a man who was once an overweight child. When his mother realized that he was much bigger than the other children his size she consulted a medical professional–the boy’s pediatrician–and a dietary plan was devised to help the boy lose weight. Today, that once overweight little boy is a svelte and athletic man; he took part in sports in high school, and maintained a healthy weight while growing up.

The point is this: A parent who loves their child will–if able to afford to do so–seek medical attention for their child if the parent sees that child struggling with any sort of health issue.

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