Goodbye, Beautifully Flawed House, M.D.

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[Editor's Note: Last night, after eight glorious seasons, Hugh Laurie (and fans across the world) said farewell to House, M.D. in an twisty-turny episode titled "Everybody Dies" (for a spoiler loaded Blogcritics review click HERE).  Aunt Becky of Mommy Wants Vodka has been a long time devotee to her TV-Husband Gregory House, M.D. -- and her farewell makes me want to go back to season one and start the whole ride again. --Morgan]

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House made it okay for those of us just left of center, those of us who are fragmented, those of us who fight to be normal, to be, well, who we are. House made it okay to use biting humor to mask my feelings because, well, some things are easier said while dripping with sarcasm.

He made it okay to be an antihero.

He gave me the strength to write things like this, things I’ve never before said aloud because they seemed too scary, too real, like if I gave them the airplay, my life might implode.

I’ve watched him painfully go through rehab, recovery. I’ve watched as he lost his mind, then found it again. I’ve watched him be brilliant and I’ve watched him as he fails. I’ve found myself crying, nodding because there was finally someone out there who was just like me. Maybe – just maybe – I wasn’t alone.

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