Goodbye Childhood, Hello Adulthood

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Not everyone recalls the exact moment that their childhood ended and adulthood swallowed them whole. For me, it was at age 12 when I got boobs, menses and my parents divorced. Felt like hitting a brick wall. This blogger carefully digs a bit deeper into this inevitable state:

"It seems, today, that being an 'adult' is a very unpopular decision. No one wants to admit they are one, sort of like being Voldemort - 'The State of Being That Shall Not Be Named.' As if there is something very wrong with being an adult. There may be truth in that statement. But for me, being an adult is not like wearing a giant red "A" pinned to my chest. Perhaps, because I've been one for such a long time. Maybe, even, before I was ready."



Image credit: Kristymp via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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