Goodbye Mama Bear: Jan Berenstain Dies at 88

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[Editor's note: Yesterday we received the news that Jan Berenstain, one of the co-creators of the successful Berenstain Bears books died on Friday at the age of 88. The Berenstain Bears will always remind me of my sister's children. It seemed that every time I babysat them they had more of these books and they could not get enough of them. Burgin Streetman, who blogs at Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves, reminds us all that despite how we might feel about the books as adults, they are special books for children. - Karen]

berenstain bears science fairNo matter how tiresome the Bear library might seem to parents, they are gold to children. I remember being small and reading Berenstain Bears for what felt like hours at the bookstore, and no matter how boorish my adult self felt them to be, the child in me always remembered. To my own son, the Bear family are dear friends.

I know that my opinion, like that of so many culture commentators, is just an opinion. My blog is often riddled with typos, and I overuse all sorts of trite words like awesome and cute and adorable and dear. But my words are just words. Hot air blown into the wind. The world that Stan and Jan created together will be around, if not forever, then for a very long time.

All us hot air blowers should be so lucky.

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