Great Parenting Tip: Have Your Kid's Next Birthday Party Away From Home

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When I think of the birthday parties I had as a child, my two favorites were the ones thrown at a fast food restaurant (...) and that one place with the big mouse guy (...). I might have had questionable taste as a child, but they really were fantastic parties in my mind. As it turns out, having your child's birthday party outside your own home is a fantastic idea for many reasons.

Amy at Maker Mama shared some beautiful photos and five great reasons to have your next party away from home. It made me want to do something similar for the boys' party this year. What about you? Have you thrown a party at a local amusement park or at that place with the big mouse guy?

I really like Amy's third point:

3. You can actually enjoy the party.

I find when I'm throwing a party at home I spend so much time running around making sure everything's just right (there's enough food on the table, the drinks are plenty, running any games or activities, etc.) that I don't get to spend that much time with the birthday boy/girl. Granted, I was still running around quite a bit at the Kiddie Park, but not having any games or activities to run meant I got to spend time riding on the carousel and watching the kids enjoy themselves, too.

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