Grief, Years Later

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After 13+ years since the loss of her child, this blogger accepted a writing challenge to ruminate on the current stage of her grief. Her hard-won insight is a tremendous value and her writing, superb:

"At one time, earlier in my grief, I felt like I was leading a double life, a secret life. There was the brave face I showed each day to the world -- and then there was my true, hidden, after-hours, behind-closed-doors life as Katie's mommy, an ever-grieving parent. I felt the difference keenly -- the sharp divide between my life before my pregnancy and life afterwards. I still don't talk about Katie or my short-lived pregnancy or my infertility struggles much to anyone, at least, outside of my 'real-life' and Internet friends who have also lost babies. The sense of 'otherness' is still there (sometimes more acutely than others). I have come to realize that it probably always will be. But overall, the pain is nowhere near as sharp. The lines have blurred. My grief, my daughter, my infertility -- these have all become a part of me, of who am -- the completeness of me."




Image credit: jingkay2008 via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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