Childhood Adventures: The Wilderness of Oregon

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Editor's Note: At the urging of her father, a woman reflects on her childhood memories and one in particular, came roaring back. --Heather

One summer, when I was 11, my dad had the crazy idea that it would be really fun to go and spend 5 weeks in the wilderness of Oregon and try our hand at building a log cabin.  And then, since we didn’t quit finish this “cabin” we went back for another summer adventure two years later.

Though this idea felt like a whim to my little 11-year-old mind, looking back, I realize that, of course, my parents planned it purposefully.  I’m sure went with the desire to open our eyes and teach us about real work and increase our awareness. They must have longed to push back to simple, bond us together, build our characters and lay a solid foundation.  Don’t we all long for that stuff for our children and our families?

Log Cabin Family

Image: Saydi Shumway via Boston Shumways


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