How Mommy Guilt Can Help You Become a Better Mom

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Editor's Note: After having our second son, my Mommy Guilt did not double. No, it quadrupled or septupled or just flipping exploded. I eventually found my groove and got over it -- mostly, but getting through it was hard! Jenna at Call Her Happy recently featured her friend Shelly of Dear Mimi, From Mama in a post about two kids, mom guilt and how maybe -- just maybe -- that mom guilt could help you be a better mom. -Jenna

The Guilty Mother of Two:

Guilt came like tsunami when I had my second child. A month after he arrived, I remember parking the car as I got ready to enter our church. Up until then, I had always carried my daughter across parking lots. I got out and set the baby, in his car carrier, next to some bushes, and unbuckled the toddler. I explained that Mama didn’t know if she was strong enough to carry both of them. She cheerfully replied “It’s okay mama, just do your best!” It’s so annoying to me when they use your advice on you.

Mommy Guilt, 2 Kids
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