A Greek Twist on Nachos

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[Editor's Note: I may love my Mexican nachos, but this Greek-inspired recipe intrigues me. I love Mediterranean flavors, and this twist sounds fresh and delicious. Give it a try and mix things up for your family or friends! --Genie]

Gyro Nachos

Like most American homes, my kitchen does not include gyro meat machine/spindle/cooker thingy (technical term). And beyond the lack of necessary equipment, I wanted my version of these nachos to be a little less heavy on the lamb...So in place of the mountain of gyro meatliciousness, I sprinkled on some Greek-flavored ground lamb. With less meat, I could focus on upping the beautiful, brightly-colored veggies, which I think make the dish!

Gyro Nachos

Image Credit: Back To Her Roots, used by permission.

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