The Things Kids Say: "Hand Jive"

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[Editor's Note: Oh, the things kids say -- or, really, mispronounce. They're cute and funny and great memories -- when they happen at home. For The Crislers, who have been listening to a lot of "The Hand Jive" song, I'm pretty sure a recent in public mispronunciation will be forever seared in their memory as well along with those in the bakery. And now, of course, you. Enjoy the giggle. -Jenna]

The Hand Jive:

Vigeland Park, Oslo, NorwaySo there we are, right around the bakery section in Hy-Vee, I'm looking for bread, and Atticus is quietly singing, "Hand Jive" while doing a vague approximation to the movements.

For some reason, there were what seemed like a lot of bakery employees, five or six of them, all working efficiently. A couple of them noticed my lost look as I muttered, "I don't think we're in Aldi anymore, Toto."

They had both started toward me, when Atticus decided it was time for a dramatic crescendo and belted out, "HAND JOB! HAND JOB! DOIN' THAT HAND JOB!"

What have your kids mispronounced that made you giggle? Any funny public stories? (Also: Ten bucks says you're singing the song the wrong way RIGHT NOW. I am.)


Photo Credit: marcus_hansson.

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