Hanging a Shingle: It's Not So Easy!

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[Editor's Note: Oh the days of sitting in a cubicle, dreaming of being a consultant. Wow - you mean they make THAT much an hour? Seemed easy, right? A fast path to a raise AND tons of freedom and time off. And then....reality sets in. This is a great article from someone who took the leap and is learning what it takes. - Paula G]

Hanging a Shingle

I used to be fascinated with becoming a consultant in my field. I envied those who were able to step away from corporate life to work independently, managing multiple clients or moving from client to client, creating their own destiny.

Seemed like such a glamorous role. Somewhat entrepreneurial yet less risky, as consulting didn’t seem to require a large amount of cash to begin. Just tell your friends and colleagues, maybe print some business cards. Ta-da! Instant consultancy!

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