Happy Birthday, Evil Genius

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If I could give one gift to youWhat would that gift be?Shall I make the world anewCreate it sickness free?Shall I banish hunger,Banish hatred, banish pain?Shall I mend the broken,Let them dance in the rain?What if I could take cancer,AIDS, Alzheimer's tooAnd send them gone foreverAs my gift to you?Could I soften heartacheAnger and fearGive vision to the blindHelp the deaf ones hear?Help the lost to find their wayAlong the winding pathShow the weak and weary mindThe beauty that life hath?I cannot snap my fingersAnd make everything rightBut I can tuck you safely inEach and every nightAnd while the world is faultyAnd filled with many woesI can help you learn to avoidThe very worst of thoseAnd I can help you to be strongWhen you most want to be weakAnd I can teach you to raise your voiceWhen most you fear to speakI can help you find your lightTo shine for all to seeAnd I can help you learn to knowWhy the spirit must be freeIn time you'll grow beyond my wordsAnd stand up all aloneIn time I'll be a whisperWhere the winds of fate have blownBut if you see injustice, hunger, or needAnd work to make it right somehowThen we both succeedBe strong, my child, and wiseCompassionate and smartAnd don't forget to listen toBoth your good head and good heartWherever else I be,Whatever else I doI will always be that soft whisperSaying "I love you" . . .

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