Hating Other Kids One Carpool at a Time

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[Editor's Note: I don't drive any carpools because we don't have a vehicle big enough to do so. After reading Martha's post at It's The Elliot Way, I'm pretty sure I want an even smaller vehicle. Also, I probably need to apologize to the mother of one of my son's friends. He seems to lack a volume control and, really, I don't even like riding in a car with him. Do you drive a carpool? Have you taught your kids manners when they're in someone else's vehicle? -Jenna]

Carpools: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

Carpool parking signWhat kind of child do I normally drive around? Let me tell you:

1. A child (10 years old) climbed into my car and said "Georgia! Your car is DISGUSTING!" (please do not ask me what the facts were in the matter. That is hardly relevant)

2. A child (7 years old) asked where our tv screen was and when told that we don't have a tv screen in our car, proceeded to tell me why we needed to get one before the next carpool happened


Photo Credit: drdul.

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