Have You Ever Been Recognized Off-Blog?

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Every once in a while I get recognized off-blog. It's a fairly rare occurrence, though one time, I was in a California airport bathroom washing my hands after a flight from Washington, D.C. With 6 billion people in the world, I probably have a greater chance of winning the lottery than bumping into one of the people who read my blog while in a random place (read: somewhere other than a blogging conference).

I cracked up reading Mondays with Mac's account of being recognized in a random jewelry store while shopping for a necklace with her blog-famous son.

Is that... Mac?... Are you?.... Sorry, but do you have a blog?  At that point I blushed (heavily) and confirmed that I did in fact have a little blog called Mondays with Mac. She got disproportionately excited and said a bunch of really overly kind things that I won't repeat because this post is already brag-y enough. I got shy and stammered a little because what I really wanted to do was scream and hug her and yell OhhhEMmmmGGeeee YOU READ MY BLOG???

Have you ever been recognized off-blog or seen one of your favourite bloggers in a random space?  Would you be excited to be recognized or would it freak you out?

Photo Credit: Disguise by Shutterstock.

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