Heather Wells is Size 12 and Ready to Rock

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I've been accused of being a Meg Cabot fan girl. It's true. I do find her books fun but no matter how much fun a Meg Cabot book is, there's always something going on below the surface. In the case of Heather Wells, there's some personal reinvention, self confidence and a whole lot of positive body image. Mandy was wary about reading Size 12 and Ready to Rock but found that there's a whole lot to love. - Karen

size 12 and ready to rock heather wells meg cabot"Heather’s inner monologue throughout the book reflects someone who is happy with her body. Would she like to look like a super model? Sure. But does she want to deprive herself of the food she loves to do so? No. And she’s okay with that. I was hesitant to read this series at first, because of my own weight struggles. I worried that having an average sized heroine would be a cheap novelty with jokes at the character’s expense. However, this is not the case at all. If anything, I came away from the book with a better body image, because I could relate to Heather. Cabot’s portrayal of a female secure in her own skin despite society’s pressure to look a certain way is a breath of fresh air."

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