Help! My Coworker Won't Stop Talking to Me!

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[Editor's Note: Ever have a colleague who just won't stop talking to you? You try to get work done, let them know that you can't chat right now, but they don't get the hint? Find out what this manager has to say about how to get them to stop talking (in a nice way). - Paula G]

How Can I Make My CoWorker Stop Talking to Me

I recently joined a new company and got to know a colleague of mine, who happened to come on board on the same day as me. According to her, it’s for this reason that she confides a lot of her personal and professional matters to me during office hours. I even got a text message from her over the weekend, complaining about how she can’t stand our boss. Though I played smart by not dispensing any opinions on that, I feel that she has crossed the line of not knowing when to stop “harassing” her fellow colleagues about her personal / work-related issues.

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